Don’t Talk About The Baby

Today I’m trying something a little different. My friend and faithful Every Little Sparrow Prayer, Caroline (you can read her story is here) recently told me about this project, Don’t Talk About The Baby.

I watched the video which explains the project, and wept. Like really, truly, wept. Seeing the faces of these women and hearing their voices made me feel like this horrible, devastating, life altering subject of miscarriage and infertility is finally getting a voice. And a face. And a name. And a place in society that has previously overlooked it.

The line that got me is towards the end (2:36 to be exact). She explains how people would say to her “Oh, well, you seem different…” and through her tears she replies “I am different..I’ll always be different…”

If you’ve gone through this kind of a loss, then you know how true it is.

We are all different, now.

If I could, I would give every penny I have to fund the making of this movie. While sadly I can’t manage that, I can help share about it and spread the word.

If you have suffered a miscarriage or are walking the long road of infertility, I want to remind you that you aren’t alone. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. I don’t provide that stat casually or lightly as if to say “you are just a number” or “eh, it happens” (because yeah, someone actually said that to me when I shared I had recently had a miscarriage….for the love of humanity). I provide that stat to encourage you that there are an army of women out there who know your pain and want to support you.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea (and may I recommend some tissues) and take a few moments for yourself today to watch this video and learn more about this project.

Because the truth is that you matter, and every little sparrow matters. And you both are worthy of having your story known.

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